Blue hair and scribbled collage @

Blue hair and scribbled collage

Because this art journal has thin pages of only 80 gsm(~54lb), any collage will help build the page thickness so you can use more water if ever needed. I plan on adding more collage in this journal and play around to see different results. I prepared a stash with faces from magazines that would also go well as collaged pages in this B6 art journal.

Girl with pink hair by Cristina Parus @

Whimsical face with pink hair

I wasn’t sure I want to finish this face as it looks kind of weird, but eventually I got caught into the process and went with the flow: it didn’t come out so bad, so I added colors to *beautify* the page even more. Nu eram hotărâtă daca vreau să termin aceasta față la cât de ciudat arata, dar într-un final m-am lăsat prinsă în procesul de creație: nu a ieșit chiar asa cum voiam eu, asa ca am adaugat culoare pentru a *infrumuseta* página …

Happy, silly animals

Having a little one has inspired me to create childish and funny animal shapes that look so gorgeous, at least to my eyes. And since I got started, I think I’m going to try drawing a cat or a cow or who knows what other animal… Just for fun! Având un copil mic am fost inspirată să creez animale în forme anuzante și copilărești care arată atât de minunat, cel puțin așa mi se pare mie. Și cum m am pornit, cred că o sa …

Blue shades

It’s been more than a year!

Hello dear creative soul!   It’s been more than a year since I last posted here! It’s been sooo long! I have somehow (like completely!) neglected posting on the blog, but all this time I continued to create art in my journals, especially in one journal in particular – the one that allowed me to sketch real quick and only use mostly dry medium. I miss a lot painting with acrylics and getting my fingers dirty in the process, but then packing all back after …