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Art in my journal: Whimsical Face with purple hair and the Quoted Pages

Hello dear creative soul!


How was your weekend?

I had to face losing all my smartphone photos. The memory card inserted in my smartphone became useless after I got several different messages saying my card is going to “die”, but it didn’t occurred to me that eventually the memory card will become useless. One day I’ve seen the “There’s no card inserted. Please insert memory card.” message on my phone display and I knew there must be something really bad going on with the memory card. But it was too late already. Of course I lost personal photos in the process, but that’s another story.


Luckily, I have saved a few of them, and this sketch was posted on Instagram as the WIP for the face I wanna share with you today.


Blue inktense sketch face of quoted pages


This was just a simple sketch when I decided to add color. And as much as I liked this stage, I knew I wanted more so I went for acrylics.

Although it’s beautiful as it’s pictured in the above photo, I continued with acrylics – because – why not?! I was thriving to use them for soooo long! And so I did. But the face wasn’t as pretty at the beginning. I even thought that I should have probably leave it as it was before adding acrylic paint. But as I added layer after layer, it started to look better and better.

Purple hair - quoted pages by Cristina Parus @

Shall I add some lettering? Maybe in her hair, but I shall see. For now I’ll leave her as it is.

Are you wondering where are the quoted pages? I worked on those, too, but didn’t post any of them. I still have many quotes I want to translate into my journal as dear messages or reminders that life is too short, life is so beautiful, and life is amazing.

Purple hair - quoted pages by Cristina Parus @
I love how the green writing goes with her purple hair. Don’t you agree?
See you soon,