Watercolor Portrait - one sketch a day by Cristina Parus @

One sketch a day

Today, back to faces. This little cute one is painted in my Daler Rowney Simply…sketchbook.  Înapoi la fețe astăzi. Această...

Hair drier - one sketch a day by Cristina Parus @

One Sketch a Day

Practice, practice, practice! It’s what we all need to succeed, but also to become better at what we do. The...

watercolor flowers

Daler Rowney Pocket Sketchbook {video}

I wrote about this sketchbook some time ago and here you can find the post. There are many things to be said...

Chill and relax by Cristina Parus @

Chill and relax

While I’m seriously considering to bring back the abstract faces challenge of February, I’m enjoying my tiny Derwent sketchbook with very thin paper...

Pen Sketch by Cristina Parus @

Visual Sketchbooks

{Limba Română} When I don’t feel like painting, I sketch! There is nothing better than creating sketches over a cup...

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