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Embracing imperfections in your creations: the perfect imperfect

Drawing with your non-dominant hand

Here is a little bit of what I call “gorgeous call of creativity”, when you leave out your perfectionist self and welcome your truest self: the one that makes mistakes and is not perfect. The one you probably hide from your Facebook wall. That really true you. It is the moment to get the hech out that unique self and I swear I love it when people get that side out, especially when they are artists creators.

I have done this type of exercise more than three years ago, but the result wasn’t that nice. I have to admit I rather like the faces I created now than the one you can see over here. This has an explanation: I finally got to let my inner critic go to sleep and trusted my other hand, the one I normally don’t use to draw or paint. It’s a great exercise to let go control and criticism, and let your creativity evolve on the page.

I have done several, very quick drawings (or shall we call them sketches?) in my journal, and the result got better and better, especially if you do them in a row, without pondering too much on the lines and curves.

Take a look at this drawing from above. I used a black water reacting roll pen to draw this face, and I did it using my non-dominant hand (which is left). In a future post I’ll show you how this turned out!

This red pen drawing face is so cute!! Look at that nose!! No fuss about it, it looks somehow odd, but I like it so much!

Some of these faces got painted with acrylics or simply colored in watercolors, and I will soon post about them separately.
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