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Lace Viva Decor Stamp @ by Cristina Parus

Viva Decor Acrylic Stamps

Searching for stamps at a good quality and affordable price, I bump into Viva Decor acrylic stamps. If you’re into...

Handmade stamps by Cristina Parus @

It’s all about the stamps

This entry is one of the series talking about art journaling supplies I use, my opinion on different supplies and...

Altfel de Martisor


In aceste zile ale martisorului, pe tarabe puteti gasi tot felul de martisoare cu pantantive si alte charmuri ce pot...

unconventional stencil @

Șabloane neconvenționale

Dacă ați vrut să cumpărați ștampile sau/și șabloane, ați observat probabil că unele dintre acestea sunt foarte scumpe. Exagerat de...

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