Welcome, July!

I'm still recovering and meanwhile I'm taking bits of time to create quick art journal pages to slowly return to my art routine. I really miss painting with acrylic paints, but right now I focus on watercolors and simpke sketches that are easy and fast to create.

Whimsical face on loose Mixed Media Paper by Cristina Parus @

Whimsical face on loose Mixed Media paper

Painting on loose paper is preferred by many artists because it gives you the freedom to manipulate the paper in...

HIs blue eyes - mixed media journal page by Cristina Parus @

His blue eyes mixed media journal page

This page is rather ambiguous. Is this a he or a she? Of course, it was intended to be a...

Soft pastel portrait by Cristina Parus @

Soft pastels portrait on packaging paper art journal

Remember my brown packaging paper art journal? It’s time to draw again and fill in the pages! It’s been a while...

Limited palette - by Cristina Parus @ - Nov 2015

Portrait with limited palette

I began to love charcoal. Its smooth feeling on the paper and the marks that it lefts on the surface...

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