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Embrace Yourself watercolor portrait by Cristina Parus @

Embrace yourself

Maybe that’s a selfie, except I don’t have green eyes. Or I can pretend today I have green eyes in...

Mixed Media Portrait on a brown packaging paper art journal by Cristina Parus

Brown paper art journal face

Although at first I thought it’s going to be a pain in the @ss drawing and painting on brown packaging...

Just Play! Art Journal Page by Cristina Parus @

Just Play!

This page was silently waiting in my art journal to see the face of the light and be posted on...

Whimsical elephant by Cristina Parus

Whimsical: un elefant purpuriu

Sau mov, dacă vă place mai mult. Doar că de data asta, elefantul este pictat cu acrilice diluate, iar apoi...

Ce scriem intr-un art journal?

Ce scriem intr-un art journal?

Daca ne uitam in DEX, o sa vedem mai multe intelesuri ale cuvantului, unul dintre acestea fiind: “Însemnări zilnice ale...

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