Quoted Pages by Cristina Parus @

The Quoted Pages Art Project

Just like The 29 Faces Challenge and The Flower Art Project, I want to start a new 30-days art project...

Charcoal mixed acrylic paints - dive into mixed media by Cristina Parus @

Mixed media page – messy pigtail braids

I have already started a series with these charcoal faces that keep appearing in my art journals. I cannot help...

Sketching buildings in watercolor - by Cristina Parus @

Sketching buildings in watercolor

Sketching buildings has never been my best skill. I never took classes on drawing and perspective always seemed so complicated...

Looking straight to the future Mixed media Art journal page by Cristina Parus @

Looking straight to the future

Welcome, dear soul! It’s already February and we are starting a new month with much excitement and lots of creative...

Pencil sketch - Girl with flying hair by Cristina Parus @

Pencil sketch – Girl with flying hair

Once in a while I really feel I want to use just a pencil and my paper stump to draw...

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